Jutta Lange

My path to Abadiania
I travalled to the Casa in Abadiana out of sheer curiosity, at least that’s what I thought back then. Looking back it felt like a call that I didn’t answer right away, but 7 years later when I arrived at the Casa.
At that time I thought I didn’t need a Coach because I was active as a spiritual healer in Germany myself. I was working as a Reiki-Master and had completed additional training with Pjotr Elkunovic. This empowers me, through connection to divine energy, to achieve the straightening of a human spine without physical contact. Through this straightening, performed by the divine energy trough me, I realised that there are things between heaven and earth happening that are not yet explainable by todays scientific findings.
I therefore knew how to connect to divine energy, but I didn’t had a clear vision of the unlimited possibilities of the Entities and their many invisible helpers. So I took note of the rules of the Casa for my spiritual interventions, but out of ignorance towards the consequences, I didn’t necessarily follow them.
When I take a look at my path of life today, the transformation path at the Casa, I know it could have been a short path with a fast transformation success for me, but I choose the slightly longer one.
Since everything has a purpose in life, today I feel that I was supposed to become an especially experienced and caring Coach which may have been the reason for my ignorance towards the Casa-Rules at first. I have become a Coach who, through my own experiences and findings, coacheing other people to the best possible transformation success in the shortest possible time.
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